Monday, November 2, 2009

By: Wendy Moyer

Most women love handcrafted jewelry because it can adorn and enhance any outfit. By its very nature handcrafted jewelry is very individual, colorful and creative.

Why wear what everybody else is wearing when wearing handcrafted jewelry will shout out your individuality? Simple clothing contrasted with an outstanding piece of unique handcrafted jewelry is a fashion statement that will express your individuality.

And, if you purchase designer made handcrafted jewelry you can add exclusivity into that mix. If it's designed for you, handcrafted creations can make you feel very special.

Imagine wearing a work of art that was created especially for you. Jewelry, which, if you put a picture frame around it and hung it on the wall people would gaze upon - as if it belonged in a museum.

Designer Handcrafted Jewelry

If you want to buy handcrafted jewelry that matches your personality and stands out from the crowd then it could be more expensive than what you would buy at most craft fairs.

Part of the cost of your jewelry will be reflected in your choice of metals. The percentage of precious metals used in the design affects the price of the piece.

Inexpensive jewelry is often mass manufactured and made with man-made stones whereas finer jewelry uses the choicest of materials including natural gems. If you choose gemstones to adorn your necklaces, rings or bracelets, their size, cut and quality will have a dramatic effect on the price.

What you're getting with a truly custom designed piece of jewelry is often a unique, one of a kind design that reflects the conceptualization and the skill of the handcrafted jewelry that made the piece. And as with any other work of art, the reputation and skill of the designer/handcrafter will also influence the price.

The Handcrafted Jewelry Creator

Many of the most creative handcrafted jewelers have, over the course of time, learned how to temper their passion with patience. They are champions of an old world artisan's approach to their craft.

They've learned that it can take time to visualize and create beautiful pieces of handcrafted jewelry. A handcrafted jeweler's work of art is a true reflection of their artistic thoughts. Perhaps even more important, their creations reflect their feelings.

If you aspire to create visions of beauty, you also must be patient while the design and fabrication process unfolds - however long it takes. And you must be passionate about your need to create moving visions of handcrafted jewelry that are expressions of your soul.

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(Editor: Let me add my own words to this wonderful article. Not all "custom" jewelry has to be expensive. Many pieces already created by a jewelry artisan can be customized for you simply by choosing different colors or metals. Don't be afraid to ask. Yes, the choice of metals will affect the overall cost. Gold is more expensive than silver, but copper is less expensive than Niobium. It's all a matter of taste... your taste.

Make a piece your own by changing it slightly or dramatically or having a complete new design made just for you. It never hurts to ask if you can get what you at a price you want to pay.)


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