Friday, May 29, 2009

So, how do you break into a field where there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of other men and women doing the same thing you're doing and trying to sell the same or similar items? As someone in that position myself, let me tell you it's not easy.

People like to buy from those who've already made a name for themselves, who have credentials in their field, or who have something so outstanding and original, no one else has anything like it. In the handmade jewelry field, with so many talented artisans in the world, that's rapidly becoming a rarity.

So, how do you get yourself to stand out from the crowd? A good question. Follow along with me as I learn the tips and tricks of starting a new business, in a field of thousands, during a major recession. This should be interesting. LOL

My first steps have been to start this blog, hoping that others will want to take a look and tell their friends. I've joined Etsy and Artfire where I can sell my items, but again, I'm lost amidst a myriad of other people doing the same thing. I'm on Facebook, where I can urge my friends and family to tell their friends to tell their friends, etc., about what I'm doing. I'm Tweeting on Twitter, joining Artisan forums, getting a quote on having my Website redesigned and learning about SEO, Search Engine Optimization.

Along with becoming as good as a professional photographer so my jewelry looks good, over the coming months I'll be talking about each of these issues. Highlighting what works, and what didn't. Featuring the forums, guilds and other places to network and above all, hoping to tell you how to do this all successfully and still have time to make the jewelry you obviously love to make and need to sell.

Not an easy task, but please stay tuned to see what's new here.



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