Friday, June 5, 2009

The Search for the Perfect Web Designer

Is there such a thing as a "perfect" web designer? I'm not sure, but perhaps we can come close. I've been looking for someone to re-design my website and blog, put up a shopping cart on my site and help me with SEO, search engine optiminzation. So, I found There I listed my requirements, what I expect and my budget, which isn't very high. I really didn't expect much but imagine my surprise when I got 7 responses within 3 days!

So, I spent the next week or so talking to web designers. Many of whom insisted that I host on their servers. Those were eliminated immediately since I already have a host server and am not looking to change right now. Others were wonderful graphic designers, but didn't have the programming skills I needed to include my shopping cart. I'm good with graphics myself and am really just looking for someone to make my pages have style and consistency... my style, not theirs. As a jewelry designer and artist, I'm drawn to certain designs.

Some people had more experience in one area than another. Some tried to be everything to everybody. I found a wonderful woman I feel comfortable with and now, Delia of AKMWebCo, and I will work on getting my website looking pretty, easy to navigate, eCommerce plugged in and, this blog seamlessly integrated. At least that is my hope.

So, stay with me through this process and find out the ups and downs of working with a designer. With luck, I'll be able to have time to make more jewelry and photograph it as well.


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