Thursday, April 8, 2010

I've been spending the last few weeks diligently working on redesigning my studio space to fit in the new jeweler's bench I recently purchased. But with my bad back, it's been a slow process. I have to thank, publicly, my new friend, Deborah, who I met through the Yahoo Group, FloridaBeaders. This woman has generously encouraged, cajoled, scolded and pushed me to get this work done. She has unstintingly given of her time to help me physically as well as mentally and emotionally move the garbage and clutter from my home and mind.

You expect this kind of aid from someone you've known for years, or a family member. But for it to come from a woman who was a complete stranger to me less than 3 months ago... well, it touches me and makes my heart swing wide open. Yes, I agreed to teach her what little I know of silver smithing, as I'm just a beginner myself, but it seems so inadequate. So, how do I thank this open hearted person? How do I repay her for the unselfish things she's already done and is still doing? Indeed I want to make her something really special, but how do you show someone how much you appreciate the help they've given you, asking for nothing in return?


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