Friday, June 4, 2010

Not My Style

"That's not my style."

How many times have you heard that from others or said it yourself? But personal "style", just like our taste buds, change constantly. There was a rule at our dinner table when I was growing up... "You don't have to eat but you must taste." It didn't matter if we'd had that particular food before and decided we didn't like it. My mom insisted that our tastes would change as we grew older. Things we liked, might not have the same appeal when we got older and things we thought absolutely disgusting at 15 would become our favorite foods at 25. She was right. I love raw clams, oysters and broccoli. Three foods that had made me gag every time.

When we're young, we're encouraged to try many different things. To stretch our imaginations, try out different philosophies, foods, and looks. We're told we can be anything we want to be if we just try. My mom also used to say "You may be the greatest piccolo player in the world, but you'll never know unless you try the piccolo." Wise woman. So, I tried. Well, I didn't try the piccolo, but I expanded my horizons by tasting foods I never tried before, trying on a piece of clothing before dismissing it as 'not me' and even revisiting old styles and things I'd never liked because she was right. My tastes changed as I grew and the years went by.

Well, I'm no young woman anymore but does that mean I have to stop trying new things, tasting new and old foods or dismissing a look because I don't think it's me? Nope. The day I stop trying new things will be the day they can plant me 6 feet under. Well, I'd rather be cremated but that's neither here nor there. What I am trying to say is that while almost everything I make is something I love to wear, they're not always "my style". Which is why a lot of my jewelry is on the eclectic side. One day I'll like chainmaille, the other wire wrapping and the next beading. So I play with them all. However, if I ever do find a set style in my art, I'll probably force myself to change it because I don't want to get in a rut.

Most of the jewelry for sale on Artfire, Etsy and my website, are pieces I loved making. But I'm expanding my horizons daily. Right now I'm getting into metalsmithing, though I've nothing finished to show or that I want to sell... yet. I'm still learning and trying new (to me) techniques and tools, having a blast and realizing that my style is every growing, evolving and changing.

There's no law out there that says everyone can have only one "style" for the rest of their lives. We can change our hair, our clothes and even our eye color and beautiful one of a kind jewelry is the greatest way to say "We are unique!" So challenge yourself and think out of the box. Try something new, different and unpredictable. Buy a new perfume, try a new food, wear a different type of shoe... and let your jewelry be as spontaneous and unique as you are!



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